“Every newborn baby in LWIC gets presented with a beautiful, cosy and snuggly blanket specially handwoven by our Deaconess Rhoda. Mums and dads always treasure this gift that has been made with so much love. Hear how one grateful mum describes the impact this blanket is making in her daughter, Gracie’s life”.

Just wanted to drop a little message, this beautiful blanket that was gifted to us by the deaconess has become Gracie’s favourite thing. For the past week, Gracie and I have been poorly with respiratory infections and the blanket has provided so much comfort to her. Even before the illness Gracie would cuddle the blanket. As you can imagine, it is the cutest thing.

I am not sure what prayers Deaconess blessed this blanket with, but it is sure working.

I had a security blanket when I was little (I still have it – it’s 30 years old now!) and I used to do the same thing with mine. Knowing me, all of my friends bought blankets for Gracie hoping that she would follow in my footsteps and in the hope that the blanket that they gifted would become “the one”. Unfortunately for them, the one that Gracie has picked as her comforter is the one gifted from church!

We keep this blanket downstairs for her to use during the day and the excitement that comes over her as we lower the blanket onto her is evident, she bounces around and smiles as you tuck her in with it before quickly scooping it into her hands and rubbing it against her face… before falling asleep

Emma (Mom)