Study Materials for Youth

Dear Youths

I trust you keeping well.

Recent unprecedented events may be an ongoing challenge for some of us, but not for God.

For some of us, this might be our 1st  experience of an event that will alter everything we have planned and our manner of living our lives.

Do you know that in the Bible days, time after time, things like this happened?

I am taking time to share with you some of the life altering events that happened in the book of Genesis.

Just imagine how these people felt

1.The fall of Adam and Eve.   Adam and Eve had to leave the Garden of Eden because the Fall.

  1. The tower of Babel. The human Race had to be dispersed because they were building a tower to reach heaven
  2. The Flood. Noah and his sons had to go into and Ark for 40 days and night because of the flood.
  3. The Promise. Abraham had to leave his family and country in order to inherit the promise.
  4. Jacob’s on the run. Jacob had to flee for his like because Esau was determined to kill him.
  5. Joseph becomes a Slave. Joseph was sold into Slavery because of his brothers’ jealousy.
  6. Joseph’s Imprisonment. Joseph was betrayed by his master’s wife and ended up in prison.


The list goes on.

Through these challenging times, God was with these people, and saw them through.

Let us remember, that likewise, God is with us and will see us through.

So what do we do in the meantime

Let’s observe the guidelines given by the Government

Don’t be afraid.  Don’t worry.  God is in control.

Pray with thanksgiving

Enjoy this time by spending it with your family, read books, watch TV and exercise.

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See you soon

Pastor Dunni