Excerpts compiled by Esther Njoroge
Mercy or  Judgment

‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy’ Matthew 5:7 (NKJV)

When you are merciful to people you will obtain/receive mercy.

To be merciful means to be gracious, kind and compassionate.

To show mercy is to forgive and not judge others.

Showing mercy is not giving people the punishment they deserve.

You open the door for the enemy to come into your life when you are not merciful.

Mercy is a shield around you that protects you against all the weapons of the enemy.

To be merciful is to forbear. It is access to help. Mercy is showing favour.

Mercy is who God is. It is the nature of God so to be merciful is to be Godly

The kingdom of God is the kingdom of mercy.

The word of God is wrapped up in the mercy of God.

When you are not merciful, you judge.

Matthew 7:1 says Judge not so that you will not be judged. We judge not so that we do not get judged in return.

What we sow we reap. Our words and actions are seeds.

Judging and condemning people is blocking them from receiving what the kingdom of God gives, which is grace and mercy.

Mercy forgives the trespasses of people who do not deserve it.

When we appreciate the enormity of what Christ did for us, it will help us to be merciful to others.

Choose to be merciful to others.

Look within yourself before you judge or criticize others, because in the same manner, you will be judged.

Be at peace because the mercy of God flows in your home, family, and your life.

Loving people that do not love you is an act of showing them mercy.

It is not of God to wish people evil, or rejoice when they go through difficult situations.

You are a child of God if you can show mercy. God is kind even to the unthankful

God changes people by extending His mercy.

Parents, children, husbands, wives, friends, church members, everyone should  show mercy towards one another.

Because God our father is merciful, let us also be merciful. Mercy is an important virtue.

Do not judge so you do not get judged. The only judge is God. To judge is to try to sit on God’s throne.

When you give mercy, forgiveness, or money to those who need it, it will be given to you good measure, shaken together and running over.

You are called to a life of mercy that triumphs over judgment. Mercy brings glory that makes judgment vanish.

Do not judge young people.    People adjust at different levels after receiving grace.

You will melt the heart of people that hate you when you show them mercy.

Live generously and graciously towards your brother, sister, mother, father, or friend.

Teach children to be merciful. You will never regret showing mercy to others.

The Word of God is just for learning. It is for living.

A neighbour is a person who shows mercy and compassion.

Be constantly merciful and compassionate. God will reward you and people will show mercy to you.

Be merciful and you shall obtain mercy. AMEN!

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